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The Dybbuk and Other Writings by S. Ansky

The Dybbuk and Other Writings by S. Ansky - S. Ansky, Golda Werman, David G. Roskies It was eerie to read that this man ran the Yiddish center in Vilnius before WWII nearly wiped out the Yiddish population. There's every possibility that some kind of cousin, but not my great-grandparents, were involved in one side or the other of that conflict.

This collection is probably rare in some way, since it includes other, less famous, translated writings by Ansky, which may never see the light of day in another forum. His one piece about a Christian woman in Russia who registered herself as Jewish, then refused on principle to change her name back to a Christian one, which would have safeguarded her from constant persecution by authorities, was quite touching.

Unfortunately, the text of the Dybbuk play was struck out in places with heavy pencil. It opens with reference to Yiddish religious songs being sung and all in all would seem to benefit better from a performance than an unsophisticated reading.

Strange to say for such a famous Yiddish play, the old movie shot in Poland's Jewish ghettos before the Nazis got there has no English subtitles translating the Yiddish, at least on Youtube. Something to look out for...