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Round Ireland with a Fridge

Round Ireland with a Fridge - Tony Hawks I thought I'd read and really enjoyed this one, many years ago, but I was giving a high rating for a concept, not a great deal more.

The content itself is remarkable in mirroring certain observations from visiting Ireland myself, and Hawks delivers these few sentences with pithy, unattached wisdom. In fact, the entire book comes to seem more clever and self-centered than funny. It wasn't especially surprising that his stand-up routine bombed in Ireland. There are still more than a few laugh-out loud moments, but it seems that Hawks borrows Irish concepts and hospitality without giving much back.

By the time my edition of the paperback had been printed, the book had sold a quarter of a million copies. Despite several queries regarding what charity he was travelling for, and a remarkable amount of free lodging and meals and rides, I wonder what Mr. Hawks gave back?

Finally, the majority of the book is very much about processes of one kind or another -- mechanical even -- and became as tedious as studying the same fridge day after day. I've read Playing the Moldovans at Tennis and part of his book about buying a house in France. This book was the best of the three.