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Downsize This!

Downsize This! - Michael Moore Michael Moore does pay teams of fact checkers to ensure he doesn't end up financially beholden to any number of subjects who want his blood. He exaggerates and takes cuts at self-important frauds, but he hasn't been found guilty of falsifying facts against anyone litigious yet, to my knowledge.

As he tells people time and again, he grew up working class Irish-Catholic. This comes out as someone who wants central authorities, especially companies, to do more, while insisting that everyone should be free in practice.

He and someone as insignificant as Coulter, for example, seem somewhat similar, in that they seem to want a religious liberalism,in her case, financial, in his, social, in a world of so-called beneficent companies. This makes for terrible social science all around.

He deserves all the stars and more for being the only widely heard voice against some blatantly idiotic policies and politicians, all while making his books and movies very entertaining.

It's notable how uniformly ridiculous politics have been for some time in the U.S. The jesters have been holding court indefinitely.