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The Lonely Sea: Collected Short Stories
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Mysticism and Logic (Western Philosophy)
Bertrand Russell
The Analects of Confucious
Pragmatism: A New Name for Some Old Ways of Thinking
William James
Does Anything Eat Wasps?: And 101 Other Unsettling, Witty Answers to Questions You Never Thought You Wanted to Ask
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Mutual Aid
Pyotr Kropotkin
City of Djinns: A Year in Delhi
Olivia Fraser, William Dalrymple
The Brothers Karamazov
Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Doctor Copernicus

Doctor Copernicus - John Banville Another book I wish I could have finished, given an interesting subject. Mr. Banville seems like an altogether direct, hardworking man -- at least at one conference I visited, so it's not surprising but disappointing that he turns the early life of Copernicus into a melodrama full of profound moments of masturbation.

At least (I think), he didn't put the poor man in lipstick and a dress, as his people did not far from his statue in Poland's capital.