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Train To Hell

Train To Hell - Alexei Sayle, David Stafford This book is lazy and dated, although it's almost certain communist humour was a lot funnier in 1980's Soviet countries, where people didn't believe in communism quite as much as Sayle.

Regardless of communist politics -- of which I am indifferent and always have been -- Sayle phoned in 98% of the mock-absurdist humour, probably to his co-writer, who equally probably wrote the only (laugh-out-loud) moment in the book. I was writing better absurdism when I was 16, but that's because I didn't have a message.

I bought this used, despite the pretend-funny cover, because it didn't cost anything (hmmm...) and desperately wanted to drop it ever second but plodded on to the end, where it gets worse, because I looked up who this "fat ugly git" ever could have been, and he was loosely affiliated with the Young Ones, whom I now wonder if I'll ever watch.